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    How does it work?

    It's very simple to use but you might want to keep reading before you get started. Basically World Edit lets you spawn in any block in a square or spherical shape, as well as drain liquids, and change biomes of an area instantly with just one command.

    What's the catch?

    For every block changed there is an in-game cost equal to the block's price at shop. That means if 10 stone costs 100$ in /warp shop then doing an operation where you change 10 blocks to stone will cost $100 in-game currency. World edit only works in op survival and Creative, in op survival it will use your /balance to pay for the blocks if you have enough. In Creative world edits are free.

    Why is there an in-game cost?

    This is to balance the fact that you can literally spawn in any block with these commands (including diamond blocks for example). We hope to maintain the economy on Snap.

    How will I know how much an edit will cost?

    Have no fear, each time you make an edit, a quick menu appears telling you about your edit, including type, cost, and volume. You can cancel or confirm the edit from there. Use -s to skip the menu if you don't need a confirmation page, example: //set stone -s

    How will I be prevented from griefing the whole server?

    Besides being unable to set certain blocks such as TNT or Lava you won't be able to edit any block outside of your claim. You will still be able to edit in your friend's claims if they have trusted you with /trust, but you cannot edit in the wilderness or another player's claim.

    P.S. Our block logger also logs all world edit actions so we can easily rollback any malicious world edits with ease if needed.

    So what Commands are included?

    Unlocking includes the following commands:

    //set (block)

    //sphere (block) (radius)

    //hsphere (block) (radius)

    //drain (radius)

    //up (height)

    //setbiome (height)

    //biomelist (page)


    Vortex Max Only: //replace (block) (new-block)

    Below is extended information on the commands

    and general information on world edit.

    Set Command

    Command: //set (block)

    Example: //set Grass

    Limit: 5000 blocks per edit (infinite edits)

    • Sets blocks within your selected region to the specified block.
    • Can be used to remove blocks (set air) which costs $5 per block changed

    Sphere Command

    Command: //sphere (block) (radius)

    Example: //sphere Stone 5

    Limit: Maximum Radius of 9

    Cost: Varies by block

    • Creates a perfect sphere of a specific block in a given radius around you.

    Hollow Sphere Command

    Command: //hsphere (block) (radius)

    Example: //hsphere Glass 12

    Limit: Maximum Radius of 15

    Cost: Varies by block

    • Creates a perfect empty shell of the specified block in a given radius around you.

    Drain Command

    Command: //drain (radius)

    Example: //drain 5

    Limit: Maximum Radius of 15

    Cost: 2$ per block removed

    • Removes lava or water in a specified radius around you
    • The liquid must be connected to you (you must stand in the liquid)

    Setbiome Command

    Command: //setbiome (biome)

    Example: //setbiome Jungle

    Limit: Up to 5000 columns (bedrock to sky) per edit (infnite edits)

    Cost: 3$ per column changed

    • Changes the biome inside your selection, but also extends infinitely along the y axis for each change.
    • Use //listbiome to get the correct biome format

    Listbiome Command

    Command: //listbiome

    Limit: No limit

    Cost: No charge

    • Lists the biomes in the correct format needed for //setbiome

    Up Command

    Command: //up (number)

    Example: //up 1

    Limit: The sky is the limit (literally)

    Cost: No charge

    • Simply teleports you up a certain number of blocks and places a single glass block below you
    • This is useful for selecting a region with a corner in the middle of the sky, where there are no blocks nearby.

    Wand Command

    Command: //wand

    Limit: No Limit

    Cost: No Cost

    • Gives you a wooden axe, used to select corners or a region for use in commands such as set or setbiome
    • Left click to select position 1
    • Right click to select positon 2

    Replace Command

    Command: //replace (block) (new-block)

    Example: //replace stone glowstone

    Rank: Vortex Max Only

    Limit: 5000 blocks per edit (infinite edits)

    • Replaces blocks within your selected region with the specified block.

    Finding block names:

    For a full list of block names click here.

    It can be tricky to figure out what the exact block name should be, like is it stainedglassblock or stainedglass, or bluestainedglass?
    You can use the /listprices (text) command to list all registered block names with the given text in it. For example /listprices glass would help you see that the correct name would be stainedglass

    Obtaining world edit:

    There are a few ways to unlock world edit.

    • Redeemers: Find redeemers for 2, 4, and 6 hours around the server in /crates or /pvp events, players also often trade them for money on /auctionhouse.
    • Rank Perk: Cosmic Rank and up has access to infinite world edit and also comes with price reductions on blocks and increased edit sizes.
    • Separate Purchase: You can buy 1, 3, or 6 months of world edit on the store as an easy way to unlock the perk for a long time without buying an expensive rank or hunting down redeemers.
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    Can i //set like cobblestone,Mossstone or somethign like that?
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    No, currently worldedit on snap only supports one item name per command, this may change in the future.