The Observatory

Which additional room should I build next?

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  • A weapon defence system

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Dr_Graffiti (Miko)

The guy who likes offices
The place where the interdimensional travelers, such as myself, come to rest.

Hi! This is my first post on here. The Observatory is something I made in a few hours to replace my ravine base. It has two floors, the top one being the resting quarters. The bottom floor has fence windows (you can see them at the bottom of the pic). At the very top of the building, connected to the top floor, is the balcony, which you can use to see the world more clearly. As you can see, the main material for this build was oak wood planks. I chose this because it give it a futuristic and medieval vibe with the light blue stained glass.

I'm planning on expanding it and adding more rooms to the sides.

/warp TheObservatory