Information Small announcement regarding forum security.

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    Hello everyone, Double here...
    Lately, we have had a couple issues with "bots", aka fake accounts made to spam our forums.

    Me and Pluto have taken down over 300 accounts, and 100 posts the past 24 hours.
    For new members here (welcome btw) you will have to go through our reCAPTCHA to gain access.
    It's nothing advanced, just hit "I'm not a bot" and you're good to go.


    If you're signing up for the first time, we request that you use a common email extension such as:
    • Gmail.
    • Yahoo.
    • Hotmail.
    Or any other well-known email provider.
    This is requested due to our new bot purger, that allows us to delete suspicious email extensions.
    If you are having any issues with this change, please DM me or Pluto on Discord, or respond to this thread.

    Your friendly neighborhood psycho: