September Updates

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    Hey Snap, we've got two main events in September.

    Quick Updates
    First off a few important updates for those of you who haven't checked in this month. Snap reached it's 1 year birthday this month and we are celebrating with an awesome Birthday theme. We totally remade the PvP arena, there is a brand new lobby, new arenas, duel arena, crate viewing section, and we added a ton of really fun minigames such as capture the flag, oddball, king of the hill, bounty hunters, and a bunch more, all of which are built right into PvP! Check it out at /pvp

    Twitter Giveaway
    This month we are mixing things up a bit, we decided to crack open our original SnapMcSocial Twitter and bring that page back to life, this month we are giving away 50$ store credit to 3 people. That is a total of 150$ being given away! All you need to do is Follow SnapMcSocial, then Like, Retweet, and comment your in-game-name on our latest post over at and you will be entered for a chance to win 50$ of store credit. We will pick the winners randomly so go comment and win!

    Build Competition
    This month's build competition theme is Pirates! Build your best pirate battle, or treasure hunt, or whatever you can imagine! The winner of this competition will get 65$ store credit, this is a huge reward for a build Competition and we hope you all enter some awesome builds!

    To enter the build competition all you need to do is place a sign on your creative plot that says [build] on the top line. As soon as you place it you can go ahead and remove it as you will automatically be entered. Type /bwarp (name) to make sure it works.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    yayaya :DD hype for septemberrrr