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Hello, and welcome to the official SnapMC Rules and Guidelines. Here you will find all information related to in-game rules, and our punishment guidelines.

Chat offenses

Excessively flooding chat will result in a verbal warning, followed by a warning. Severe cases may result in a kick or even a ban.

Swearing at another player excessively, repeatedly, and aggressively may result in a 5 minute mute, or kick, or short ban at the discretion of online staff. Swearing is generally allowed, to a point.

Telling another player to commit suicide or kill themselves or perform self harm or threatening their friends or family is normally NOT punishable, since players (too) often say this simply because they are mad they got killed in pvp and not as a legitimate death threat. If staff decide it is being too toxic / excessive / seriously threatening, there will be a mute, kick, or temporary ban.

Advertising or Spamming on join will result in a permanent ban, no questions asked.

Advertising will result in a 3-day ban, that triples for every consequent offense.

Mentioning another server in chat without intent to advertise, is generally not punishable. For example "Going on hypixel" will not get you in trouble. If we believe you are advertising or being too excessive with mentioning a server, or if we find out you own/benefit from bringing players to that server, you will be met with a verbal warning, which could escalate to a mute or ban that doubles for every consequent offense.

Posting the private information of another player on our server, forums, discord, or sharing it with other players/staff directly will result in a 1-month long ban, followed by a permanent ban for any repeat offences. This can depend on the severity and how it affects those involved and will be dealt with by the Senior team. Private information includes many things such as: address, ips, real names, recordings, social medias, payment information, passwords, pictures, and anything else that may be highly personal. In the event that you rather publicly share some personal information, such as your first name, a picture, in say a public call, with other people who play on the server, or on the forums, you may be waiving your right for us to help you protect this information.

Posting a harmful link on our server, forums, or discord will result in either a mute or ban, of undetermined length depending on the severity of the offense.
(Defined here as phishing, IP-grabbers, inappropriate/pornographic content, etc.)

Continuing to harass or bother a player who has ignored you in-game through things like #server-chat on discord, asking other players to bother the player, or other things of this nature, can result in a mute on these platforms or further punishment as needed.

Disrespecting the staff team can result in punishments including mutes and bans. Specifically targeting a staff member's ability to moderate is not accepted. However simply being rude to a specific staff member is not typically bannable unless it falls under the category of another chat offense, it is not appreciated. Please remember that all staff are volunteers just trying to make the community better, if you're not a staff and you are attacking a staff, you are not helping the community at all.

Grouping up for the purpose of demanding something in-game is not tolerated. All participants will be banned for 1 week. Depending on the severity this can result in a longer ban. Generally the organizer will be given a permanent ban. If you want something added, post in #ideas and tag me! If you have a problem with a staff talk peacefully about it with me. Demanding a staff be removed from the team usually starts with "I F**KING HATE THIS STAFF THEY DON'T DO S**T, THEY BANNED ME FOR SOMETHING DUMB I AM QUITTING!!?!?!" these demands will obviously be ignored. Again if you are able to talk peacefully about it I have removed staff in the past and will do it again if I feel it is needed. Please don't forget that staff are volunteers and don't get anything special powers or perks, they are not required to answer player questions, or ban every single hacker, they are just trusted members of the community who have the power to ban people and help keep the server clean. They sometimes make mistakes or have biases, but we will do our best to correct any mistakes they make and be sure they don't happen again. I also want to stress that staff are allowed to afk, people always freak out about this.

Any form of discriminatory speech will result in a kick. Multiple repeated offenses may result in a ban. New players may be banned on the spot due to our low tolerance. We would like to make it clear that the "n word" is not allowed in any form anywhere on our network. As stupid as it is, calling something "gay" will not immediately get you punished. We understand that the general gamer demographic is not the brightest and likes to call things "gay" as a general slang for bad, although we like to think the majority of people doing this are not strictly being homophobic but rather are just plain dumb, or not putting a lot of thought into the social implications of what they are saying. However excessively going after gay culture (homophobia) will get you punished. Saying sexist things, or literally + intentionally insulting a gender will be punished at the discretion of the staff available.
(Discrimination: Defined here as Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, etc.)

In-game offenses

The usage of any hacked or illegally modified client to gain an unfair advantage over another player will result in a 3 day ban, followed by 7 days, 14 days then permanently banned from the server. At the discretion of the staff repeated offences may be shortened. One reason a staff might shorten a ban is because the offender has not repeated the offense in a significant period of time. Hacks here include but are NOT limited to: kill aura, auto aim, quick shoot, xray (including texture packs) anti knockback, arrow path/trajectory visualizers, auto builders, world downloaders, auto/quick bridges, fly hacks, and any other unfair clients, especially in the areas of pvp/bw/uhc.

Staff have been instructed to always film evidence of hackers and make it readily available to all staff. You may request this evidence should you be banned to help you understand why we believe you were hacking. Staff do not need to record should you have joined the server less than a day ago. If the Staff fail to record proof or the proof is found to be insufficient, you may be unbanned, however we may decide that the ban should remain despite insufficient evidence.

If you find a bug or exploit, and fail to report it, and hand over any unfair items/currency gained by the bug, this can result in up to and including a permanent ban. Should you report a bug or exploit you, or someone else found, in a timely manner, you will most likely not be punished assuming you help us patch the bug and return any unfair items/currency. This is up to the discretion of the staff as well and will be dealt with by the owner.

Joining with multiple alts just to pay your main account their starting money is bannable. It is very easy to catch. Doing this will result in your balance being reset and an ipban being put on your accounts.

TP killing and or trapping can result in a 1 day+ ban only if the victim has something to lose from being trapped. This means that TP trapping does not apply to survival since keep inventory is enabled. This could, for example, apply to SkyBlock as the player can lose 10 points for dying. At the discretion of staff this may apply anywhere. This punishment doubles for every consequent offense.

Scamming another player or the server will result in a ban of undetermined length depending on the severity of the offense. Scamming players through real-life money will be a permanent ban. If you make a deal with a player you must fulfill your side of the deal or repay the player whatever they paid you with. Using /ah instead of manually trading is a great way to avoid scamming issues.

Minor grief will result in a 1 day+ ban, that doubles for every consequent offense.
(Under ~500 blocks of damage)

Major grief will result in a 3 day+ ban that doubles for every consequent offense.
(Over ~500 blocks of damage)

Inappropriate builds including genitals, swastikas, as well as any inappropriate content imported with the tomap perk, can result in a ban. Typically 1-2 days, more for repeated offences and severity as well as location (your claim, next to a claim, in someone's claim)

Stealing items will result in a rollback of the owner's items, and can mean your stolen items will be confiscated. If we are unable to collect the stolen items you may be permanently banned or we may take something of equal (or greater) value that we are able to find/collect. Transferring items between game-modes should never be possible but if you discover a method, it will result in major punishment and item confiscation if not immediately reported (see bug/exploit section).

Evading a ban/mute will result in the initial punishment being doubled, this includes any alternate accounts as well as placing signs on the server. Using discord server chat to evade a mute will also be punished. Evading mutes can also result in a ban.

If you are punished on the server, for example being muted for spamming, you are generally still allowed to use our other platforms such as discord and forums, however if you continue this punished behavior through the other party means you will certainly find yourself with a similar/worse punishment on these platforms as well. Staff can extend a punishment from the server or discord to any other snap platform at their own discretion.

Sharing items in PvP is not allowed. This includes dropping items which is blocked. Abusing friends to deliver items such as killing friends with no armor who have items to help you or any form of sharing/supplying may result in a ban for both you and the person who supplied you.

Other Offences

Contacting players through private messages on, for example, discord is generally not punishable, meaning these rules do not apply. These rules MAY apply at the discretion of the senior staff for example sharing IP grabbers, sharing inappropriate material, and general misconduct as well as any other dangerous links. Please do not bring us screenshots of players being mean to you in discord private messages, there is a block button for a reason. Using our discord player list, or forums lists to contact multiple players who play on SnapMC for example to advertise a server/product/offer will result in an instant permanent ban from that platform which can be extended to a ban from the server or other platforms of SnapMC.

Photoshopping / altering images to trick players or staff is punishable and will be dealt with by the senior team. This includes for example, making it appear as though a player/staff said something they did not actually say.

Using SnapMC to gain in-real-life money can result in a permanent ban at the discretion of the senior staff. This includes selling in-game items/currency to other players for real world money. This also includes advertising your product or business on any of our platforms.

The staff team has the final say, as such any individual punishment may be reasonably altered on a case-by-case basis.

Should there be a dispute, the owner, or the most senior available staff will decide the outcome. Once decided, you MAY NOT dispute this decision. The decision DOES NOT HAVE TO obey the rules stated here, meaning that the rules posted here may be altered or ignored on a case-by-case basis without warning, should we go against one of our own rules, the decision will hold and the rules may be updated at a later time to clarify this new decision. The rules are not meant to be an all inclusive list of things you can and can't do on the server, pushing the limits just because it wasn't listed on the rules can still get you banned.

Continuing to dispute a decision on a punishment or lack there of, can result in a mute, kick or even ban. Only a higher staff or the same staff can overturn a decision of a lower staff. Should a decision be overturned the punishment will be changed/updated accordingly, whether this be an unban, or an extension to the ban, or a shortening of the ban/punishment.

Discord Rules:

Discord has grown to be just as important to our community as the game itself. As such we want to detail some rules and guidelines that specifically relate to the discord here.

Posting inappropriate or suggestive or NSFW pictures or videos (including links to them) will result in a warning followed by a ban and all messages from the last 24 hours or 7 days will be deleted. Extremely inappropriate material will result in an instant ban without warning.

Having random discussions in support channels or channels with a specific purpose will result in a warning followed by a ban for repeated offenses. Please stay on topic if the channel has one. For random conversations just use #general.

Targeting our players to grow your own discord is bannable.

Targeting users in our community for inappropriate means, (anything involving nudes for example) advertising, or other unwanted messages can result in a ban from the discord and server.

Tagging multiple users unnecessarily will result in a warning followed by a ban for repeated offenses. Extreme cases (such as spam) will result in an instant ban.

Leaving and rejoining the discord to reset your roles is punishable. Particularly doing so to remove your muted in server chat role will result in punishment possibly including a ban on the discord and/or from the Minecraft server. By talking in #server-chat after rejoining you are proving to us that you are intentionally breaking this rule and claiming you left by accident will not be an acceptable excuse.

Changing your nickname is not allowed once you are linked. Changing your nickname is disabled but as many of you know, there are ways around discord's block. Abusing any of these tricks will result in a warning and we will reset your nickname to your Minecraft username. Repeated offenses may result in a mute from #server-chat or a ban. Please report anyone who has changed their nickname and is using #server-chat so we can fix their name.

Private messaging our entire player list for any reason will result in an instant ban.


For purchased unbans it is always a good idea to ask a senior staff if you are allowed to purchase an unban. For most small offenses you can purchase an unban. The following categories of bans will not be allowed unbans: advertising, sharing private information, scamming players of real money, using SnapMc to profit in real life, abusing bugs + duplication or other exploits. This process is not automated and we will re-ban you even if you have purchased an unban if you fall into one of these categories. We hold the right to reban anyone who has purchased an unban for no reason whatsoever, which is why you are highly encouraged to check with a senior staff before purchasing.

Ban Appeals. You can appeal your ban or mute or other punishments if you feel it was unfair and we will try to help you understand why we chose to ban you. Sometimes the staff team does make mistakes. Read through all of the rules and see if you can make a case for yourself. Yelling at the staff instead of negotiating or apologizing will get your appeal denied instantly.

NOTE: This list will likely be updated, and we suggest checking it at least once a month to ensure no misunderstandings with the staff team.