July Updates

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    A few important updates:

    I forgot to mention that SteveSlayerr was our Top Voter in June, congrats! He got $50m since he already has Cosmic Rank. Make sure to vote and you could be our Top Voter in July and get Free Ultimate rank or $50m if you have Ultimate+ already.

    We have a new Competition this month. We finally added a "streaks" system where you can grow you streak by logging in every day and typing /streak. It is tied to the /rewards command so you can get your daily rewards and handle your streaks at the same time. The way the timer works is that you can get an extra streak point every 23 hours, however after 30 hours your streak will be reset if you do not run the command before it runs out. You can reset this 30 hour countdown at anytime just by typing /streak, even if your 23 hours is not up your 30 hours will still get reset. You can check another player's streak with /streak (name) and we will also be rolling out a /streak top in a few days once enough player's have streaks. The biggest streak as occurding to /streak top on July 31st will get 50$ in real life (PayPal) or Cosmic, whichever you want, if you do not have PayPal you can of course get store credit.

    Streak Competion. Type /streak everyday to win.
    1st Place Prize: 50$ PayPal or Cosmic (Your pick)

    Our Build Competition for July will have a Theme of "Pool Party". We hope to see the most extravagant pools and hot tubs, perhaps some waterfalls and don't forget you can add in armor stand people doing fun pool activities by right clicking with flint. You're also welcome to include a modern house or hotel to accompany the pool. The prizes for the Build Competition will be the same as every Month, 1st Place Prize: Cosmic Rank (~30+ August Keys if you have Cosmic)

    To Enter:
    1. Place a sign on your plot that says [Build]
    2. Type /bwarp (your username) to check that it works
    3. Break that ugly sign

    Creative Competition. Theme: Pool Party
    1st Place Prize: Cosmic Rank or 30+ August Keys if you have Cosmic

    Forums Competition, be active, get prizes!
    The 1st Place winner is the forums member with the most positive ratings. (Senior Staff Excluded)
    The 2nd Place Winner is the forums member with the most messages. (Spam will get you disqualified)
    The 3rd Place Winner is a random member of the forums, must register and post at least once to qualify.

    1st Place Prize: Cosmic Rank (~30 August Keys if you have Cosmic)
    2nd Place Prize: $30 Server Store Credit
    3rd Place Prize: $20 Server Store Credit

    How to know if you are winning: Click on the members tab on the forums, it will show you notable members sorted by rating, and also by number of messages. Good Luck!
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    Jun 25, 2018
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    first and hot updates mate. definitely will be entering the creative comp c:
  3. Mary

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    Jul 2, 2018
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    Second, can't wait to see all the builds! Excited for the competitions ~
  4. Sando

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    Jun 28, 2018
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    third im gonna be jealous of everyones fab builds