Competition Winners (October)

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    Creative Competition - Saccharo

    I had a lot of fun judging the Creative competition this month, there were a bunch of great entries!

    The Winner this month is Saccharo. His spooky build was full of creativity and felt very original. It included several massive statues of mythical creatures, a sea of lava, a portal to hell, a creepy centerpiece, and a really well decorated maze. Here are some screenshots! Saccharo has received 99$ of store credit since he already has both vortex and a vortex max subscription.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Skin Competition - Lachrymose, Anxitea, BleedingHearts

    Our next competition was a skin competition. All you needed to do to join is like us on namemc with this link. The winner of this competition is Lachrymose! Here is a link to their namemc profile. Here are some views of the skin that won first place. Lachrymose has won 30$ store credit.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In second place for the skin competition is Anxitea. Here is a link to their namemc profile. Here are some views of their skin. Anxitea has won 20$ of store credit.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In third place for the skin competition is BleedingHearts. Here is a link to their namemc profile. Here are some views of their skin. BleedingHearts has won 10$ store credit.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Elytra - Cancelled

    We had some rather ridiculous times in the Elytra Free Fall competition this month and it has become apparent to us that even if we block every natural cheat, some players will still use speed/fly hacks etc to get impossible times. As such we will not be rewarding any store credit for this gamemode this month or any time in the future. We will still reset the stats every month and hope that with the removed benefit of store credit players will be less inclined to cheat and we can see some actual competition.

    Top Voter - Implying

    The top voter this month was Implying. He managed to vote 105 times this month! Implying has won 30$ store credit! Make sure to start voting today as this will certainly be part of the November competitions!

    Top Donator - TrashVibes

    The top donator this month was TrashVibes, huge thank you to him for all his support. Thanks to donators like TrashVibes, SnapMc is able to continue and grow! Their in-game skull will be featured in the November crate.


    We appreciate everyone that participated, this was definitely the hardest month to judge due high participation and I hope to see everyone participate in the November competitions which we will post sometime next week.

    If you won a competition check your /mail in-game for a coupon code that you can use on the store.