Competition Winners (May)

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    The May competitions were not posted on the forums just because I was so busy traveling and making some other big updates like hub and creative, but they were posted in our discord, be sure to join if you haven't already! Link above.

    Creator Code Winner: Murderess
    Creator codes are a new feature on SnapMc that allow Staff and Vortex Max players to give their fans a fun 10% off on the store. Each month the Creator Code that earns the most money will win something. This month the prize was 50$ PayPal or 100$ store credit. Congrats to Murderess (Code Wolf) for winning in May! Code Holden was very close behind and I would not be surprised if he won next month!

    Top Voter: Fraveex
    Voting helps expose the server to more players and you will get sweet rewards for voting. This month Fraveex voted the most and got 240m!

    Top Chat Games: Murderess
    Chatgames appear in chat every 15 minutes or so, we track who has the most wins with /chatgame top and the winner each month gets 240m!

    Top Donator: KinkyHolden
    For donating the most in May KinkyHolden got his head immortalized in the new June Crate!

    Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for the June Competitions! Make sure to start voting and winning chatgames now.