Competition Winners (March)

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    Creative Competition:
    Theme: Pixel Art
    1st Place Prize: $50 Store Credit
    Winner: rbzombee


    Collect the most sets of collectables before the end of the month
    1st Place Prize: $30 Store Credit
    Chat Games:

    Answer the most chat games this month to win.
    1st Place Prize: $40 Store Credit
    Voting Competition:

    Get the most votes to win.
    1st Place Prize: 30$ store credit

    2nd Place Prize: 20$ store credit

    3rd Place Prize: 15$ store credit

    4th Place Prize: 15$ store credit

    Top Donator:

    Donate the most on the store and
    get your head immortalized in the
    April Crate for a whole year.
    Winner: magerehein92

    Thanks to everyone who donated.
    Thanks to all who participated in the competitions!
    Check back later this month for the April Competitions.

    Please note all prizes are paid with in-game money. 8m = 1usd.
    Visit #store-faq on discord to learn more
    about using in-game money on the store.
    Instant Win:

    Like us on NameMc and type /namemc in-game to get 4 free Mystery Keys. It's that easy to win! Using more than 8 alts to get keys will be considered cheating.​
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    yay, hope it wasnt april fools that i won