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Competition Winners (February)

Discussion in 'Updates & Announcements' started by Plutoren, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Plutoren

    Plutoren Founder of SnapMC
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    Jun 23, 2018
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    Creative Competition:
    Theme: Aquatic
    Prize: $50 PayPal (or 60$ store credit, your choice)
    Winners: Frire and Murderess
    I actually couldn't decide between the best two so I am splitting the prize in half between them.

    Frire: (25$ PayPal or 30$ store credit)

    Tied for First Place


    Murderess: (25$ PayPal or 30$ Store Credit)

    Tied for First Place


    Chat Games:
    Answer the most chat games this month to win.
    1st Place Prize: 40$ Store Credit
    Winner: Pines

    Voting Competition:
    Get the most votes to win.
    1st Place Prize: 30$ store credit
    Winner: Kwebbel05

    2nd Place Prize: 20$ store credit
    Winner: PrincessIsi

    3rd Place Prize: 15$ store credit
    Winner: Propenguin44

    4th Place Prize: 15$ store credit
    Winner: Dxcztery

    Note: /vote top to see the top voters

    Top Donator:

    His head will be immortalized in the March Crate for a whole year.

    Instant Win:
    Like us on NameMc and type /namemc in-game to get 4 free Mystery Keys. It's that easy to win! Using more than 8 alts to get keys will be considered cheating.

    Thanks for playing!
    We had a great turnout to our competitions and we hope to see you in next month's competitions!
    All winners of store credit have received the amount in-game with the store conversion rate of 8m = 1USD.
    PayPal winners please contact me over discord.​