August Competitions

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    It's that time of month again, here is a list of our August Competitions!

    Creative Competition:
    To fit the Galactic Space theme we are having a Space themed Build competition, we hope to see your best UFOs, Spaceships, Aliens, etc. Good luck

    To enter, make a plot in /creative and place a sign that says [Build] then remove the sign as it is ugly and not needed. Use /bwarp (name) to test your entry. Use /bwarp list to see who else is competing.

    Theme: Space
    First Place Prize: Cosmic or 30 September Keys if you have Cosmic.

    Discord Invite Competition:
    Use a discord invite link that is permanent to invite your friends to the SnapMc Discord. You can make an invite link by going to the SnapMc discord, hitting the down arrow next to SnapMc at the top left, then make sure to edit the link and set it to Never expire. We have reset all the old discord links and invite statistics. The most invites will win. It is not unlikely the winner will only have a handful of invites so I highly encourage everyone to try to get a few invites as you might just win!

    First Place Prize: 50$ PayPal, or store credit if you don't have a PayPal.
    Second Place Prize: Cosmic, or 30 September Keys if you have Cosmic.
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    I'm just entering the Creative competition, so good luck everyone!