April Competitions

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    It's April and as you may know the server is now 1.13.2 which means we have all the neat aquatic features. As you may know we had to disable Creative for the time being so we will be mixing up the main competition this month. Since Towny just came out I will be hosting a Towny competition.

    Towny Competition
    Create the best town and win 300m. We will visit all towns that are open to being visited at the end of the month and pick a town based on a few criteria. We will give the 300m to the Mayor only.
    Style: This is general design and aesthetics around your town
    Layout: Does your town effectively use the grid space of Towny?
    Collaboration: Does your town work together to achieve greatness?
    We will judge any town with at least 2 members. We will not consider town size to be a factor in this competition. Good Luck! For more info on Towny visit this link.

    Voting Competition
    As with every month we have a voting competition.
    This month the winner will earn 240m.
    Second Place will earn 200m.
    Third Place will earn 150m.
    Use /vote top to check the top 10 voters. Remember, every vote counts! This means you can vote on every link to get more votes and some sites reset faster than others so check them often.

    ChatGames Competiton
    The person with the most chatgames won will earn 160m.
    Use /chatgames top to see the top 10.
    Chatgames happen several times an hour so it's definitely not too late to catch up!

    NameMc Instant Winner
    Like us on NameMc here then type /namemc to get 4 free mystery keys! It's that easy!