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  1. Legend2222
  2. d1ve
    d1ve Tiger
    1. Tiger
      Jan 8, 2019
  3. Vladu24
    Vladu24 Plutoren
    Hello there I have to report a bug. I sold an EXTINT fish at the ah and sol it but didnt got the 120k from it. Hlp me
    1. Plutoren
      @Vladu24 This is literally the worst place to ask for support imaginable, join our discord (link on navigation bar). You probably did not press the sell button and closed the menu instead. I gave you 120k manually.
      Jan 15, 2019
  4. Apples
    Apples DavDog
    I was only planning on rebuilding 1-2 builds from Halcyon not the whole entire city. I would profit nothing from me doing this. You profited millions off of what you did. I'm just placing blocks. Also how am I supposed to know having a singleplayer world is a ban? I've definitely changed a bunch. And if it is under unfair client then I wouldn't have a 700 ban I would just have a 3 day ban.
    1. DavDog
      [1] You were banned for using a client permanently combined with the toxicity you bring to the server. This was an agreement which all staff were fine with and was not be on my own to choose your ban length.
      Dec 26, 2018
    2. DavDog
      [2] It is completely unfair for anyone to download anyones builds. If I wanted people to download my build, I would, myself allow people to download it by supplying a link online, which if I wanted, I could, however I dont want that.
      Dec 26, 2018
    3. DavDog
      [3] Your ability to buy unban has been removed and if you proceed to try and get around this ban on any of your accounts in what ever way, you will be banned again. If you wish to further appeal, it will be considered fairly however for now, the agreement with staff is you are banned from the server.
      Dec 26, 2018
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  10. ToxicWutty
    YouTuber (5.9K) On SnapMC
  11. AmFroot
    I am confusion.
  12. ib4
    Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything.
  13. Jinxisbae
    I live in a box
    1. tigers other account
      tigers other account
      I live in a trash can
      Oct 18, 2018
    2. pears52
  14. Tiger
  15. SotpPugz
    SotpPugz UThicc
    LIKE HURRY AND READ DIS 11:42 9/29/2018
  16. samprodownTHEGOD3421
  17. Tiger
    Tiger Anxitea
    fanci moderator tag
    1. Anxitea
      oh boy oh boy
      Sep 24, 2018
  18. Spug
    Not even worried
  19. Merlin
    Merlin ImCaring
    happy birthday andrew !!
  20. COnNorTHOTIna
    1. Tiger
      o idk
      Sep 22, 2018