SnapMC Community

Welcome to the new SnapMc Forums!

We have redone our entire forums, a completely clean start. There are a ton of new features to explore and we've focused a lot of effort into our spam prevention systems. When registering you will need to use the password found on the Minecraft server with the command /forums, you can also find the password in our discord in the channel called #forums-information. This password is something that will keep the bots from being able to register. Some new features include improved layout, you can ignore or friend other users, improved email updates, random colors when you refresh the page, animated avatars, poking people, profile covers, improved speeds and tons of back-end improvements + updates. There are also a ton of moderating tools that have been added that I wont go into detail about. We intend to start using the forums much more actively so make sure to register and check back daily.

Just a reminder that you may need to check your spam folder when registering.

I hope you all like the new forums brought to you by @DoubleThePsycho !