Information SnapMc 2.0
The Professional Update
We are very proud of all the recent achievements SnapMc has accomplished and wanted to explain some of the work that has happened recently that you may or may not have noticed.

Forums Remade:
Recently we hired a real forums developer
DoubleThePyscho who has made some awesome improvements to our forums as you can see. Besides the beautiful new theme, here are some other new features: You can now set the theme of your page to light or dark. You can add ratings (emojis) to any post or comment. You can toggle a wide page to hide the background. You can get the Server Discord right from the navigation bar. You can open the server store right from the navigation bar. You can use the url to reach the forums. Emailing actually works fully so you will get email updates when someone replies to your thread or mentions you etc. You can also disable email notifications easily. If you are a new user without an account, you will see the server IP and it's players in an easy-to-copy-and-paste form right at the top of the page. You will now see staff tags on staff, and a tag for the date of the post. Also we have more tags such as pending, accepted, denied for applications. There is also lots of back-end stuff that has made our forums even safer and faster than before! We hope you enjoy the new forums, and please thank Double for all the work he has done to make this possible.

New Spawn:
We have a beautiful new Spawn that is a lot like a server hub. Everything is much more organized and easy to find, especially for new users who once had trouble finding all the cool features on snap.

Siege World:
This is our latest project, the Siege World is a bit complicated but certainly a lot of fun. The Siege World is a lot like a Factions map built right into the...
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The Top Voter every month will get Ultimate Rank
If you already have Ultimate Rank, you will get 50m
So we did some late night experimenting, and to prevent future overloads of hoppers from lagging the server when creating massive mob farms, we found a unique + cool solution which means you won't need any hoppers at all to make a mob farm!

Any mob spawner you place from here on out will by default auto-kill its spawned mobs.
The loot from these mobs will magically teleport to the closest chest to the point of death, with a max distance of 4.

So now you can just place a few chests around your spawners to collect the loot, with no impact on the server! Wow!

This method not only reduces the hoppers server wide but also reduces mob counts, and entities! All of which help the server be a little bit faster for everyone!

You can toggle this feature off/on with /autofill when looking at the spawner you wish to toggle, note it will only work on spawners that you place from this point onward, so any previously placed spawners will need to be re-placed to get this cool new feature.

Also! Spawners lock to your name / IP so only you can break or edit your spawners.

Also you can only place up to 40 hoppers in a chunk, to prevent future overloads.

If you have any questions or concerns leave a comment here or ask on the discord.

These changes are both new and up for debate, so bring on the debate!

Also if you haven't heard, we have some awesome updates coming in December so Stay tuned!
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